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The BMW I8 is a popular luxury sports car from the BMW family. BMW I8 2023 thanks to unique upgrades has become a serious competitor to Acura NSX or Audi R8.

Launched by the German brand with two versions: Coupe and Roadster convertible. The BMW I8 2023 is a popular luxury sports car from the BMW family. Both models are extremely luxurious and have powerful engines.

Exterior changes of the BMW I8 2023

The exterior design of the BMW I8 2023 is designed in a sporty direction, helping the driver to have a very powerful driving feeling.

The German brand still faithfully equips the BMW I8 2023 with the characteristic kidney grille. However, the grille is covered with a very strong black plate. This uniform black color makes the front area much more attractive. In addition, the air cavity and front bumper have luxurious and harmonious design lines.

The sporty lines are a special feature when viewed from an angle. The combination of front-end details has helped this model improve maximum aerodynamics and limit the impact of external heat into the interior compartment.

Exclusive 20-inch wheels with metal material bring perfect quality to the car. However, customers have 3 options for wheels when buying i8.

The modern LED headlight system integrates a high-quality beam for optimal illumination. The light performance of the new BMW I8 2023 is also appreciated to help users confidently drive the car at night. More prominent at the front of the car is a soft roof with an opening / closing function with a 16-second electrical system.

At the rear of the car, the BMW I8 2023 is appreciated for its delicate and sexy lines with LED technology-applied taillights that make the rear view of the car no less modern.

BMW I8 2023's interior

The interior of the BMW I8 2023 has always fascinated users for generations. The lines are evaluated to be glossy and delicate. The cockpit stands out with a high-quality leather dashboard. The sports steering wheel of the BMW I8 2023 is delicately designed. This unit is integrated with many multi-function buttons. This makes it the easiest and most convenient to control.

The main gray tone is elegant and equally luxurious. Taplo color Amido dark or Dalbergia.

The BMW I8 2023 seat gives occupants a feeling of smoothness and relaxation because of the use of high-quality leather. Helps increase the aesthetics of the interior compartment much more.

The luggage compartment capacity is quite large. Fully meet the furniture needs of customers. In addition, there is a folding / adjustment function in the rear seats that can be customized to increase the space by 92 liters of capacity.

Besides, there are still facilities such as: Smart car key, Harman Kardon surround sound system, 8.8 inch entertainment screen and automatic 2-zone air conditioning system

About the 2023 BMW I8 Engine

BMW I8 2023 is powerful when using a 1.5L engine, TwinPower Turbo, 3 cylinders. Next to it is an electric motor along with a Lithium-ion battery block. The maximum capacity of 362 horsepower is generated from the plug-in hybrid engine system. This is the reason why the BMW I8 2023 accelerates from 0-100km / h in just 4.4 seconds. Top speed up to 250 km/h.

Safety features of BMW I8 2023

BMW I8 2023 is very concerned about safety when using a lot of carbon details. These details are placed in key positions to ensure safety while driving. This design follows the LifeDrive style.

There are also outstanding safety equipment such as:

  • Emergency brake system

  • Driver assistance system

  • Pedestrian warning

  • 360 Camera

  • Electronic balance and anti-theft warning


In general, through the evaluation of the BMW I8 2023, we see that the car has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Unique interior

  • Light weight car

  • Low fuel consumption

  • High possibility of safety


  • The trunk space is limited

  • Selling price in Vietnam is quite high

Source: OtoS 15/02/2023

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