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Kia has planned two new pickup models, of which one is an electric vehicle, the other is an internal combustion engine vehicle.

In May this year, KIA car company announced a new project that attracted media attention. As revealed by the Korean brand, this new car will be an electric car.

Some information has just been revealed on KIA Club Official recently showing that KIA's new project is codenamed TK. The car is in the process of testing and is fully camouflaged.

Thus, besides the first pickup named EV9, KIA will bring to the car market other more attractive electric models.

KIA President Ho-sung Song has announced plans to produce electric vehicles in four major markets, aiming to expand production of electric vehicles. In addition to the EV9 model produced at the Hwaseong factory, mid-size electric vehicles will be introduced in China next year, a number of other mid-size and small electric vehicles will also begin production in India in 2025.

The company will also announce two new pickup models, corresponding to two architectural platforms for electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles. It is expected that the electric pickup will be developed for the North American market, while the internal combustion engine pickup will be for developing markets.

Source: Phuong Huyen

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