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The Vietnamese automaker has just announced that it will start accepting additional deposits and signing an official sales contract for the VinFast VF 9 model from December 3.

According to VinFast's announcement, VF 9 will be handed over to customers in January 2023 at the earliest. Currently, customers who have deposited 10 million VND during the period from January 6 to April 6 this year can make an additional deposit of 40 million. In addition, these customers can sign an official car sales contract with VinFast right away.

For instructions and complete the procedure, please contact the VinFast showroom or distributor that has previously made a deposit. In addition, customers can also access VinFast's additional deposit page to carry out online procedures.

After completing the additional deposit, VinFast will deliver the car in the order that the order has paid the full 50 million deposit and signed an official sales contract. Besides, customers will be given a resort voucher at Vinpearl 7 days 6 nights for 4 people worth 118 million VND according to VinFirst policy.

With ideal performance, impressive interior and exterior design along with many smart and modern features, the VinFast VF 9 electric car model has "exploded" since its launch and together with VF 8 set a record of 65,000 orders worldwide.

This E-class electric SUV of VinFast has a length x width x height of 5,118 x 2,540 x 1,696 mm, respectively, which is very large and wide, so it is suitable for the needs of the majority of customers.

The highlight in the appearance of VinFast VF 9 is the LED strip with the interlocking "V" logo at the front and rear of the car. This luxury electric SUV also has a highly aerodynamic design, arranging air intakes at the top and hood with door handles hidden into the body, without a grille. The design of the rear bumper and sports spoiler makes VinFast VF 9 stronger and more modern.

This model does not use the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and minimizes physical buttons. The operation will focus on the large central screen up to 15.6 inches located in the center of the taplo panel and the HUD display screen, helping to ensure the driver's concentration when participating in traffic. In addition, both the driver and front passenger seats are equipped with heating.

The safety system on VinFast VF9 is designed to meet ASEAN NCAP 5* standards. The car also has up to 11 airbags, much more than some models in the same segment. In terms of performance, VinFast VF9 is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 402 horsepower and maximum torque of 640 Nm. The car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. VinFast VF9 also has 2 different batteries, the Eco version can go up to 438 km after each full charge, the Plus version has an operating range of up to 423 km.

Source: Tung Thien

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